Etienne Garbugli
Author of the bestseller "Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want"
Workshop: How to Get from Idea to Product-Market Fit in B2B When You're Based in Ukraine

Etienne will show you a proven process designed to take you from idea to product-market fit as effectively as possible.
Finding early adopters, building credibility, reaching decision-makers, building a Minimum Viable Product, marking progress... It's overwhelming.
The workshop will help you focus on the right actions each step of the way.

You'll learn how to:

- Assess the market potential of opportunities to find the right opportunity for your team
- Find early adopters, quickly establish credibility and convince business stakeholders to work with you
- Find and prioritize business problems in corporations and identify the stakeholders with the power to influence a purchase decision
- Create an MVP and a compelling offer, validate a solution and evaluate whether your team has found product-market fitIdentify and avoid common challenges faced by entrepreneurs and learn ninja techniques to speed up product-market validation

Who is this workshop for?
- People working in organizations considering starting their own businesses, trying to find an opportunity worth tackling and/or understand if business-to-business entrepreneurship is right for them
- Consultants and outsourcing firms hoping to productize their offering or bring new products to market
- Entrepreneurs working on new products inside large organizations
- (Current) B2B founders hoping to refine their validation processes or improve their businesses